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Photos from last week showed damage to a hotel in Haines, which has a population of about 2,500. Heavy rains have caused damage in the city, prompting local authorities to seek disaster relief from Alaska. Alaska State Troopers announced Monday that the search for two missing people from the Hilton Hotel and Spa hotel rooms on Hainses Island on Florida's Gulf Coast has been suspended.

US 27 refers loosely to Haines City, although the city itself is to the south and the area was in the early days still below US 27, the state's main highway from Anchorage to Fort Myers, Florida.

Local history says that the townspeople persuaded the railroad to build a station after agreeing to rename their town after the railroad official Colonel Henry Haines. But shortly after, the South Florida Railroad reached the area, but did not stop at a station in the city.

Local history says that in the 1960s, a Disney executive contacted the company and accused Disney of using his character's name without a license. The owner, Donald Duck Citrus, immediately submitted an old yellowed document proving that Walt and Roy Disney had given him the naming rights to the name before he even thought about moving to central Florida.

Sheri Loomis, who lives in Haines, said Tuesday was the first time it had stopped raining in days. Residents were allowed to return home on Tuesday evening after the rains subsided and water levels in Ketchikan Lakes fell to 106 metres. Meanwhile, a third of Hainses residents have been told to be ready to evacuate immediately.

She said there has been a huge flow of donations since the landslides, including food and clothing for displaced families. Loomis said a van full of Christmas trees and decorations was on its way to bring joy to the displaced in the hotel rooms.

Haines City has seen huge population growth in recent years, according to the Florida Department of Health. This growth has led to prosperity for the city, as evidenced by new stores such as the newly opened Lake Eva Community Center. The Facebook page has more than 101,638 followers who love the Florida way.

Loomis runs a Facebook group, Haines Chatters, which has become an information centre for people in the community. Sebring is a beautiful city in south Florida, which was the first in America to be professionally planned. Follow the east side of US 27 to Sebring and then US-27 to the south end of town. Hainses City is just a short drive from Lake Eva Community Center, a popular tourist destination.

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Founded by Emory Cocke, the largest employer is now embedded in the world's largest hotel chain with more than 1,000 hotels in Florida.

More than four dozen families had to be evacuated because of the conditions, with motels in the city full. New subdivisions are being developed and offices are being run in a way that makes them look like the old Palm Crest Hotel and not the new one. This modern complex is a far cry from the older Palm - Crest Hotel (formerly Polk Hotel), which dominated the skyline in the 1920s.

More About Haines City

More About Haines City