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Below is a list of 15 things to do in Haines City, Florida, that you don't want to miss. The Universal Orlando Theme Park is located about 30 miles from Haine's City, making it a great destination for those looking to experience Florida's iconic attraction.

There are live entertainment events for adults and children, and many families choose to stay on site all day. There are self-guided activities such as hiking on the promenade, climbing the observation tower or just scratching the surface of the many attractions at Universal Orlando Theme Park in Haines City. It is a great success and most of us have found that we never run out of new things to do.

Fielder said that people often return after service at such events to lay hands on other things, such as food, clothing and other items. The pantry has also dealt with volunteers who provide hot meals and food boxes to people with illnesses or disabilities that make it difficult for them to leave their homes. Other resources for Polk County families include food, childcare, health care and education programs. Help is also available when medical, mental or emergency medical care is needed.

As an activist and volunteer in the community, she also leads an organization called Load of Love, which helps fill gaps by building relationships and providing food and other items that may be needed to serve the community to charities in the region. The program relies on donations, but she said she has experienced so much love in her community as she tries to help those who need food. Flanders said she was encouraged by the way people in Polk County and other parts of the state have come together in recent years to help each other when the shelves at the grocery store are empty or elderly or disabled people come to the store.

Most centres can also distribute food and other non-perishable goods such as fruit and vegetables to low-income families and the elderly.

Polk County residents can also meet with social workers to apply for WIC or get food stamps, according to the county's Department of Health. For more information about the state's pantry and food stamp program, visit this link.

Depending on donations, various food trucks can be purchased in local restaurants and even meals delivered to seniors. Of course, you will most likely be lured there by the food blowing from a food truck parked nearby. Throughout the day, various food trucks and trucks are parked, offering various foods, from popsicles to Lula Paleta.

This is a beautiful, peaceful oasis that you can visit for free, and if you'd rather pick your own than shop, a trip to Ridge Island Groves would be a great way to spend a few mornings and afternoons. If you feel like eating your fill, Hollis Garden is the perfect place to spend a quiet afternoon with fresh fruit and vegetables and a good drink.

While many golf courses in Florida are flat and relatively wide open, the Southern Dunes have significant height differences. Although modest in comparison to Everglades National Park, it has a number of interconnected lakes and rivers that are home to an abundance of plant and animal species. The landscape makes for a truly remarkable round, with strategically placed sand and water hazards.

Lake Kissimmee State Park is one of the biggest attractions in Florida, filled with a powerful outdoor recreational punch that attracts visitors from all over the state. Covering nearly 1.5 million acres, it is the largest national park in the United States and hosts a number of major attractions, all of which offer a powerful outdoor recreational punch to attract visitors across the state. Lake Eva Community Park also features a modern live event center that can accommodate more than 1300 people.

Charities, including the Lake Eva Community Park Foundation and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, then distribute food to people in distress, free or at low cost. Social services programs include pantries, food banks and cash programs for low-income families and seniors.

For visitors who don't know that Florida has a rich cowboy history that competes with that in the West, a trip to the cow hunter camp would be fun and informative. Getting up close and personal with snapping turtles, wild boars and other wildlife is something most city dwellers don't want to experience for themselves, but experiencing the glades on a tour is the next best thing. Admission is inexpensive and it is convenient to visit Haines City for a day trip, for those who do not mind a short drive. It takes place from 1 to 4 April, from 2 to 3 April and from 4 to 5 April from 10 am to 5 pm.

Ridge Island is a U-Picking facility, meaning it's time to grab a cap, gloves and a basket and hit the groves. Previous guests have noticed that tee times can quickly disappear during peak season, so reserve in advance to avoid overcrowding. If you want to spend a relaxing evening, you should consider bringing earplugs or drinking plenty of alcohol. This small room, tucked away in an alley behind a property near the bank, serves as a place for local artists to showcase their craft through murals and other art installations.

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More About Haines City